Becoming Super Human With Jonathan Levi

Founder at Becoming SuperHuman – Jonathan Levi

Here’s what you’ll learn from Jonathan about Becoming Super Human:

– How to create online courses that people actually consume and learn from. (And how to validate them quickly.)
– Why a subscription model is not always a great idea. (Contrary to popular belief.)
– How to create engagement with your course material.
– You’ve got your idea for a course validated. Now what? Discover how Jonathan turns validations into premium courses quickly.
– How to start automating your business operations. (And why you should do it sooner rather than later.)
– Can you automate customer interactions too? Discover the “sneaky” McDonald’s method Jonathan uses for that.
– The simple “Priority Start” exercise to help you focus on things that really matter.

Tune in and listen: Becoming Super Human With Jonathan Levi

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