Becoming a “champion” goal achiever with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Speaker & Coach – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Dr. Jeff Spencer is a doctor, mindset guru, chiropractor, artist, olympian, and author. Over the course of Dr. Jeff’s life and career, he had a diverse set of experiences and accomplishments. As a result, he had a unique vantage point with which to become “Mission Control” for high-performing individuals. This distinction enables him to analyze circumstances and challenges from a different point of view, allowing him to see the path to achievement where others may not.

Over the last forty years, Dr. Jeff had the privilege to coach, mentor, and advise some of our generation’s greatest achievers. From Tiger Woods to U2, Bulletproof to Nike, each of his clients has benefited from the culmination of his life’s experiences. He discovered that success doesn’t come from will, talent, or tactics. The winners know something everyone else doesn’t. What they’ve discovered is that success is both a path and a process. He is now a Cornerman to leaders of the industry, world-class athletes, and iconic performers. He works behind the scenes developing these world-class achievers into superstars in their field.

“Our human nature is not what gets us to be great. It’s our champion mind that gets us there, and it’s not just positive thinking.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Episode Highlights:

  • What is a champion’s blueprint
  • The two fundamental parts of achieving your goals
  • In-depth explanation of Jeff’s goal achievement roadmap
  • How to understand our human nature
  • When to celebrate your success
  • How long does the daily grind last
  • Learn goal achievement as a leader of a team
  • The difference of “belief” and “knowing”
  • How to recalibrate moments to have a champion’s mind

Goal Achievement Roadmap

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  • Great interview! How/where can we see the roadmap screenshot? I was listening to the audio version. Thx

    • You can check out the video version of the interview.

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