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Does your Business Feel Cobbled Together?

[even though you are making more than six figures?]

You can finally feel in control instead?of your business running you ragged.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are taking on too much, so other things in your life are starting to slip
  • You are?spending endless amounts of time trying to find files or things you KNOW you have somewhere
  • You have everything in your head
  • You have a team but no time to train or develop them

But you have tried it before.. And cash flow and emergencies take priority every time.

What else are you supposed to do? It doesn?t feel like you have many options.

When you make less than $3 million in gross revenue in a service based company, you can?t afford a COO (Chief Operations Operator)

A great one costs six figures! And since they can?t be ?Chief? that means you are. You are still making all of the systems and operation decisions, even though you know you need to be in charge of other things as the priority.

(Like SALES or MARKETING because if you are wearing those hats and you take one of those off to do systems, then NO ONE is wearing the sales and marketing hats and revenue dips!)

Here?s the Real Reason Your Service Business Runs You Ragged

It?s not in your wheelhouse.

You are the CEO – you aren?t operations. But your right hand, whether that be an admin, VA, project manager, or integrator, the one that is supposed to be the operations role – doesn?t know exactly what to do!

They don?t have your business skill set and can?t just run with the general ?Go create better systems for us!?

If you are like most business owners, you are more visionary than detail oriented.
So getting stuck in the weeds of the details is frustrating as all hell!

So you delegate to your Project Manager or Director or someone that is better than you.
They don?t already have the COO skill set – so they are trying to figure it out as they go WITHOUT the overall small business perspective.

BUT How do you get from wearing every hat in your business to the Ownerbox?

You need to clone yourself. 😉
Well, since you can?t do that.

You need to be told what to do too.

Let us tell you what to take off your plate. Let us tell help you make the hard decisions like who to fire.


Let us train your team for you!

As a business coach for the last 10 years,? I would give my clients (all high level six and seven figure business owners) action items each week.

The action items that were in their wheelhouse of strengths, would get done quickly.?Or if they were in a cash crunch all sales and marketing would rise to the top.

But those pesky systems – even though the business owner KNEW that they were important and would save them time and energy in the long run? those would get put on the back burner.

So why white knuckle it?

Let us tell your team what to do.

Let us give you exact templates for emails to send, ways to set up your project management, and exactly what pieces are most important.

Let us tell you what the most effective method or software is for your business type.

We give it to you just a little bit at a time so you don?t feel like you are overwhelmed with even more to do.

You?ll have the exact roadmap?- Just do these bite-sized pieces over the next 12 weeks – and your core systems will be set up and saving you time!


We are the translators between You (the Owner) and Your Right hand (the Operator)

You: Owner?(Service based company)
Operator: admin, VA, project manager, COO or integrator

Effortless Delegation is on its way!

We have you decide on the high level most important decisions you need.

You only have to be on the webinars where you need the overview and enough information to make a decision.

Then, my team trains your operator.

The operator then MANAGES UP and only gives you the actions you need.

Think of it like…

Baking a cake.

Owner Decisions:

You need to decide what flavor cake, and frosting, brands of ingredients and when you want the finished cake done.

Operator Implementation:

Then we provide the directions, step by step, with what best practices are, like:

Your favorite cake ingredients are found in Store A, and Store B.

(Best practice: They both deliver on instacart to save you time, click here for the auto-generated list!)

Plan for 1 hour for baking, and 1 hour to let cool then frost.

(Best practice: The cake needs to have plenty of time to cool because if it’s too hot the frosting will slip off)

We tell you each next step only when you need to prep for it!

“We already had a successful business, but we were not in control and we were trying to do everything ourselves and getting stressed out because of it.?

Ownerbox gave us the exact steps, a bit at a time, so our new team could digest and implement each piece. It included the best business practices of what is working right now with businesses just like ours.?

Jaime had us make high-level decisions to our business, company structure, sales process, onboarding process and then helped our team feel confident in implementing and sticking with it! ?

Now, we are in control, we have our team doing way more than we ever expected so we can focus on the most important actions that only we can do.?The company is growing vastly in revenue because we aren’t stuck in the nitty-gritty of smaller tasks.

We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Daniel Frasca & Kevin Baker

Co-Founders, APEX Anesthesia Review

OwnerBox Core Package


Pre-made Scripts, Templates,?and Workflows

Broken into weekly action items – so that you don?t get overwhelmed

Week 1: Program Overview

  • Program goals and objectives timeline
  • What to expect week by week
  • Learn how the Owner & Operator?work together best

Week 2: Company Box? Decisions – Owner

  • Business compass: How to Always Know which Direction to Go
  • Dashboard: Your Business Control Panel
  • Choose your (KPI?s) / Core Tech Recommendations

Week 3: Company Box Implementation?

  • Project Management installation and training (Asana / Trello)
  • Learn how to implement use and customize templates
  • Learn how to install/use core technology

Week 4: Team Box ? Decisions ? Owner

  • Create the best Team Structure for your business type
  • Start time tracking, do a braindump and how best to organize tasks (delegate!)
  • Pick Your core metrics for your team- weekly/monthly (KPI?s)

WEEK 5: Team Box ? Implementation ?? Operator

  • Implement Core Metrics with accountability? ? ?
  • Schedule Team Meetings with agenda
  • Schedule all Employee Reviews


Your? Time?

You CAN do it on your own though.

But if you were to take your time to train your team to do these pieces, even if they wrote most of the procedures it would take you:

? ? ? At least 5 hours per week to

  • Research on the best software for each piece
  • Walk through the entire process once to understand the scope
  • Figure out decision points and assign someone to research the best methods
  • Assign your team to implement the work (plus the pieces you need to do)
  • Assess the progress and review all work

And that?s just going with whatever works pretty well, you don’t have time to find the best of the best and ask hundreds of clients things like what the best PM software is for which implementation setting.

If your time is worth $100 an hour – it?s worth a HECK of a lot more – but that is:

? ? ?5 hours x 12 weeks = 60 hours

? ? ? 60 * $100 = $6,000

Just for your part.

(not counting the headaches you’ll get 🙂

?Your Teams Time?

Then if you just had your right hand do these pieces in a way that works – you are looking at LEAST 10 hours per week to figure out the logistics and keeping your team on track etc.

If you have a PM that is let?s say $30 an hour – that?s:

?10 hours per week * 12 weeks = 120 hours (at least!)? ?

120 * 30 = $3600

Plus $6,000 = $10,600


Over $10,000 just for you and your operators TIME

Then what if the way you created it ISN?T the best way? And you have to let pieces of it go? OR you lose clients because of the system glitches?

That isn?t even the worst part.

The worst part is..

You won’t make it a priority.

And the time savings you’ll lose, AND the opportunity cost

to use that time to get more revenue!

EVEN THOUGH – YOU KNOW? you?ll save more time and have less stress from it.

Would your family like to have you less stressed?

(I tell potential clients – I want their wife or husband to love me?

I know… I know.. sometimes we have a crazy business owner brain – give yourself a break- you are juggling all of the balls and don’t want them to drop.

Decide right now to make it EASIER.

Each box will be over $997 so it?s going to be over $4,000 for the core package – normally I?ll be selling it for a package deal around $2497.

Today – I still consider it beta until it’s perfect

(even though we have amazing testimonials from amazing businesses with a huge following that says how much they loved it. 🙂

So for this launch to my eventual millionaires only – I?m giving you the beta price of $897

(or 2 payments of $448.50 if that?s easier on cash flow!)


MAY 10th 2018




3 Payments




If you join the beta – please give us feedback to improve first!

But if you attend and you don’t feel satisfied let us know within the 6-week program and we will give you your money back!

I only want happy customers.


?The program provided a strong foundational structure!”

Ann Gause

ETNA Consulting Group, Administrative Assistant

?The program provided a strong foundational structure!?The level of details and template options were amazing!

?It was a good opportunity for us to sit down and really look at the shape of our business and think about how it will look in the future. I LOVE the templates!?

?In the first webinar alone, I got more than my money?s worth.?

John Clarke

MA, EdS, NCC, LPC – CEO & Founder, Private Practice Workshop

?I didn?t even know how much help I needed with my systems until I took this program. In the first webinar alone, I got more than my money?s worth.

Beyond getting so much amazing, hands-on help to get the actual systems in place, what was even more valuable was the feelings I left each session with. I felt less anxious, less disorganized, and more in control of my business. Can?t recommend this program enough to all entrepreneurs out there!?

“Ownerbox helped Systematize my business”
Karen Morgan

DOTomation’s Owner and Lead Senior Strategist

?During the webinar, I was able to write down my entire welcome, onboarding and training program process for interaction with attendees?and what the Owner and Operator each do.

Shared that google doc with my Assistant then turned it into an Asana task! (I LOVE ASANA NOW)! It?s already a line item on our new Owner/Admin weekly meeting agenda for next week. NONE of these things had I ever done before the Ownerbox Core Package.”

“This is a high! I feel like I?m floating in the air!”

Mike Walsh

Founder and Principal SQL Server Consultant

It feels so good to say ?Here. Do this. Remind me to get this for you. And document it so I have something else to do if you ever go away.

Don?t wait for me. Here is my goal – if you think it helps that goal, execute on it and ask me later. In spite of my extremely cluttered desk, inbox, calendar, lack of college or any real organization skills at all.?

“The templates alone are worth the cost of your course!”


Jeremy Overton

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. ?Author, Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor


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03When does the program start and finish?

This is a 6-week course starting on May 24th, with weekly webinars every Thursday at 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST

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