“Find Your Millionaire Business Gap”


Is this the right business and mindset for you to hit your million dollar goal? Let?s identify your gap in 30 seconds…


“What’s the difference between you and millionaires?
Identify what is holding you back.



  • Are you male or female?


I?m a man.

I?m a woman.


  1. How much does your business make per month?

I haven?t started a business.

I?ve tried businesses but none of them make more than $500 a month.

$500 to $8300 a month

$8300 to $40,000

$40k + a month


  1. What is your business model? (or what do you want it to be?)


Service based (coaching, consulting, web-design, personal training etc)

Product Based (Amazon, Distribution, Board Games, Esty, Books etc)

Both of the Above

None of the above (no business yet)


  1. What is your biggest strength?



Selling and Marketing

Teaching or Mentoring ?

Specialist (programmer, technician, etc)

I don?t know yet

  1. What?s your biggest struggle in business?


Building my email list / high quality leads

Closing Ideal Customers / Sales Conversions

Hiring / Outsourcing / Delegating

Being Productive / Efficient

Creating Systems and Metrics



  1. Do you set goals and push yourself outside of your comfort zone to hit them daily?


Yes, every single day.

Often, I push myself sometimes but I still get off track quite a bit.

Occasionally I do, but it?s hard to push myself.

Rarely, only when I think about it.



  1. Mindset: I know my worth and value of my time and I invest in myself consistently.


Yes definitely.

Sort of?

No, I have issues with this and want to work on it.

Nope and I don?t care.




Based on everything you?ve told me, your millionaire gap is type X.. to see what type x is and what it means enter your name and email to get your results


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