Andrew Warner – Funding a $38 Million Dollar Business by Selling Used Clothes

Founder of Mixergy – Andrew Warner

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featured_interview_andrew_warnerAndrew is the man behind the mic on the amazing Mixergy podcast. But he knows so much about business and being successful!

So I brought him out, to learn his secrets of his no excuses approach, how he thinks, how he started his first business and now Mixergy. He talks about what he did wrong too. Plus you will learn some great interviewing tips!

I love how Andrew is so down to earth and willing to learn, and pick apart each approach (even his own!)

Go to and watch the latest interview!

Thanks so much for listening!

Any questions or comments on the podcast let me know!


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14 responses

  • Awesome! I am a huge fan of Andrew Warner and Mixergy. I like the fact that he is answering questions instead of asking them. Great interview!

    • Thanks Martin! I agree- I loved hearing his advice!!

  • There are easy and more permanent ways to deal with your ego than starting a company.

    • haha, you may be right. Though I think starting a company is my favorite way šŸ˜‰

  • I think the advice to systematise is hugely important. It might take a little to figure out how and what but it saves huge amounts of time and effort later.

  • You’re a fantastic interviewer. I’m actually paying to have this transcribed because I want an easy way to go over all the stuff you go out of me.

    • Awesome! Any time you need information pulled out, you let me know! šŸ™‚

  • Big fan of Mixergy, its nice to see Andrew on the other side of the table answering the questions for a change. Now I have to start listening/watching all of these Eventual Millionaire interviews! Another great resource I would not be aware of without Andrew. Thanks Andrew, Thanks Jaime!

    • I really appreciate Andrew letting you know about it too. Glad to have you listen to more! (loved interviewing Andrew!)

  • Great interview Jaime! I’ve been a fan of Andrew for a long time and was excited to see two of my favorite interviewers in one spot. Cool!

  • another great interview Jaime, you’re pretty good at this. I’m going to have to begin making this a daily to do… this really is extremely useful content, being able to extract wisdom from proven successful entrepreneurs. thanks for sharing these mp3s and videos. much much appreciated.

    • You are SO very welcome Stephen! You let me know if there is any topic you want covered! I love hearing what type of info you need. (feel free to send questions along, or recommendations for people to interview!)

  • Jamie, this was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and am glad to hear Andrew answering questions for once as you asked many of the questions that I really wanted to know. Fantastic.

  • Hi Jaime,
    Saw you at the interview at and a mixergy fan as well. Great interview with Andrew. Been looking at improving my website and one big thing that I get from this is to start connecting with others through interviewing. Had this idea on my list and this is giving me the push to definitely do it! Thank you Jaime and Andrew!

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