Ancient Wisdom And Modern Hacks With Pedram Shojai

Founder of, documentary filmmaker, author – Pedram Shojai

How do you generate 125,000 email opt-ins in two weeks? The proper way to do news jacking and traffic jacking. The one strategy that pays off big time when asking people to promote your stuff. What to do when you feel that there’s too much competition and “it’s too late for me.” The difference between guided and mindful meditation. How to fix your calendar management issues.

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6 responses

  • Hi Jaime,
    Really insightful to see how Pedram is wholly immersed in mindfulness and meditation but also incredibly media savvy and nimble when it comes to new marketing.
    I like how he pointed out his sharing a movie is not something that could be considered offensive or not easily likeable by people on social media.
    It was quality, feature rich content after all – and that’s what it always comes back to.

  • Jaime, I just love this interview! Great questions and interaction. It’s so exciting to see mindful entrepreneurs like Pedram Shojai achieve such great success on and offline.

    Thanks for sharing the…

  • Some VERY clearly-stated, insightful, AND helpful suggestions. I have noted them.
    Thank You.

    See …….. I can be brief.

  • I was so excited by Pedram’s Urban Monk story that I pre-ordered his book.

  • So, what’s an EPC

    • Alcuin, EPC means Earnings Per Click.

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