Allison Maslan – Building 10 Successful Companies as a Single Mom

CEO of Allison Maslan International – Allison Maslan

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Allison MaslanAllison is a serial entrepreneur, and now helps others build amazing businesses from their passions. If you are stuck in indecision and just starting Allison lays out a plan to get you moving again!

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12 responses

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome interview, thank you to the both of you Allison and Jamie. I came away very inspired and even more motivated than ever.
    What I great read.
    Allison you are one hell of a woman, I dream to be like that, though I’m a man. Thank you!

  • Several good takeaways that seem obvious but are often hard to execute on.

    1-Finding your passions…look at your past! Instead of staring at the “whiteboard” being all “creative” and trying to be “innovative”…what has always been part of your moral & personal fabric? What have you always enjoyed doing growing up? Start there.

    2-Who do you ‘want’ to work with? Great question. Do we want to spend our time educating a customer all the reasons why they should buy? Or maybe we’d rather focus on a different group who are *eager* to buy & love your product…no education required. Great point.

    3-Take action…figure it out along the way.

    4-Marketing and business have always been the same. Find a need, find something your’re good at. GO and sell it to someone who wants to pay for it.

    Best quote for sure “my favorite social media tool is the phone”… so dang true!

    Allison is a wise woman. Easy to see her insights come from real experience & real relationships, not trendy ‘guru teachings’.

    Well done ladies!

    • I love this Steve! Thanks for the summary. I think it does a great job, and reaffirms what a lot of us KNOW logically but need to be reminded of. šŸ™‚

  • The most ironic thing is that I’ve found out about her through facebook and started following her to see what she had to say. To see her as one of your guest is a confirmation that I need to learn more from her.

    And to add on to the interview, my passion is sports and at the time, I started a blog that I was simultaneously doing for myself and the school newspaper at my alma mater while I was a graduate student. My curiousity got the best of me on what would it be like to cover a sporting event. Once we parted ways, I saw an opportunity to have my very own media company.

    So, I formed a media company called Vallano Media, LLC last year and incorporated the blog into the company and converted it into a website.

    Suffered a loss in my first year, but I’m determined to make it work.

    • You can do it Cheval!! If there is a market out there willing to pay for it, that’s the most important part. If you have determined that you are on your way. (assuming cash flow works too!)

  • What are the 10 businesses she started?

    • This is from her about page if that helps!

      “Allison went on to launch 9 more companies she has been completely passionate about including a real estate investment company, a scuba diving certification program, a thriving hair salon and an international jewelry and accessory line.”

  • I am an artist and once I had my son, in 1998 I started received personalized painted gifts for him, that were sweet, but I knew I could’ve made them better. I started a business called One to Grow On… Making children’s furniture, stepstools, birth announcements, etc. It was in high demand, but I was also working another full time job, so I would stay up all night painting to get orders filled and had no time for my family. In 2006, I finally decided I needed to make a choice to do this full-time or give it up altogether. By this time, I had begun to do murals, decorative painting, faux finishing, cabinet and countertop resurfacing, and home design, as well as furniture design and upholstery. I decided to change the name of the business to Metamorphosis and open a studio and a store. I opened my store on September 18, 2008. It was right when the recession started, and I learned that I was in a hidden location. I had given everything I had and then some financially into the business. I didn’t know if I had enough to carry me through a recession, but I kept it open for a year, then kept just the studio open for 2 years. I am still in business and I have learned a lot along the way. I have enjoyed watching your interviews and really enjoyed this one! I still do all the things I mentioned above, but I also teach art out of my studio, and now I sell Mythic NO VOC paint, flooring, lighting, tile, and home interior coverings that are all GREEN and made in America. I feel like I am on a SLOW track to a million, but I do LOVE what I do and I feel like I am living and doing what I was made to do.

    • Thank you Jennifer! I love your story!!!
      And you are a true “eventual” millionaire. Doing work you love while slowly earning your way to a million.
      And helping the green movement šŸ™‚ Congrats on EVERYTHING!!

  • THANK YOU to Allison, and Jaime!!!!

  • Great delivery. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the great

  • Wonderful interview! Full of insight that I can apply today to get my business started.
    Thank you!

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