Actionable Steps to be Profitable even in this Economy with Ruth King

Profit & Wealth Guru Ruth King is passionate about helping businesses get and stay profitable by utilizing the latest systems/processes/technology.

Ruth is especially proud of a business partnership she started consulting with when the company had $750,000 in revenues. With her guidance, 16 years later, the company reached $10 million in sales and was sold for $9 million in cash.

Ruth holds an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University and a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania.

“You can only make good business decisions with clean, clear, and correct financial statements. If your financial statements are garbage, your decisions will be garbage.” – Ruth King

Episode Highlights:

  • How to make business owners get started with their profitability numbers
  • Tips for marketing a business (especially for non-online businesses)
  • How to automate your email marketing
  • How to get potential clients to respond to your communication
  • How to budget the finances of your business (How to determine the budget killers in your business)
  • How to determine the right KPI that will increase the productivity of your employees
  • Basic rules for firing an employee


Ruth King’s Website


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  • Hi Jaime, even though I don’t have an actual business as your guest was describing, but have been functioning more as a contractor, I enjoyed the info provided. The referral process resonated with training from my sales coach Dan Caramanico with one additional step. He would encourage us to ask the person giving the referral to contact the prospect first to warm them up to the idea of us making contact about their problem. Ruth’s process is also a very viable approach.

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