Achieve your Vision With Cameron Herold

Business Coach, Business Mentor and CEO Coach – Cameron Herold

Here’s what you?ll learn from Cameron about Achieve your Vision:

– The simple “Jigsaw Puzzle” method Cameron uses with all of his coaching clients and the reason why it’s so successful.
– Why hiring is a “sales funnel” process and how to hire only people who share your vision.

– How to avoid getting stuck doing busy work and focus only on things that matter.
– You need to hire for culture and train for skill, right? Wrong! Discover why you’re shooting yourself in the foot when you compromise on skill. (And why you need both.)
– The 11 questions Cameron asked ME about being bipolar (with my answers!) and how most entrepreneurs have something that is an asset not a fault.

Tune in and listen: Achieve your Vision With Cameron Herold

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4 responses

  • I have enjoyed reading many of the articles and posts contained on the website, keep up the good work and hope to read some more interesting content in the future.

  • Nice, that you have this topic on your list “How to avoid getting stuck doing busy work and focus only on things that matter”. This is a real challenge especially in one man companies, where an entrepreneur must keep his focus.

  • Nice said, want to hire the talented candidates for the Technical field here eTeki will help for that with it Video Interviewing process to test the skills, check out the website for more details, thank you.

  • Great interview!
    And yes, most entrepreneurs have extreme personalities. You can either see it as a limitation or use the energy inherent in your personality for great things:-)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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