This site is about becoming a millionaire by getting out of debt, creating your ideal life style, and making a million doing what you love. This site is NOT about working 80+ hours per week and never seeing your family, that’s why it’s called Eventual Millionaire.

My name is Jaime Tardy and I am an eventual millionaire.

Read about my journey to become debt free and quit my 9-5 job.

I want to become a millionaire on my terms. I could have stayed at the job I hated making six figures to become a millionaire a lot faster. Enjoying life every single day and being an eventual millionaire is much better than that.


My Steps to Becoming a Millionaire:

  1. Create your Specific Goal
  2. Become Debt Free
  3. Create the Life Style You Want
  4. Create the Income You Want Doing What You Love
  5. Give and Contribute Even More!

(Note: Stay Tuned as the series unfolds!)

Right now, I am on step 4. Since 2008 I have been a business and personal coach, and work with I work less than 20 hours per week, when I want to work. My goal is to become a millionaire through entrepreneurship while maintaining my ideal life style.

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to become a millionaire. Now we all need to have a million if we want to retire with dignity. Join me on the journey to a million!

What will be your million dollar story?

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I have to preface this site with: I am not a finance professional. I do teach debt free workshops, but my advice is purely my opinion on finance and what worked for me. I love to talk about finances with anyone who wants to listen.

Click here to listen to a radio interview about how I became debt free.