Abandoning The Status Quo To Build Your Best Self (and Biz) with Abel James

Best-selling author, top 10 App Developer, musician, radio show host, entrepreneur, and veritable health crusader – Abel James

Abel JamesTodays guest is a close friend and incredibly accomplished author, artist and podcaster. He catapulted himself to success when he finally tossed out the corporate suits and leaned into a life of crusading against deceptive marketing practices, misleading corporate propaganda, and powerful special interests. We cover how to ditch the status quo and societies expectations to build your best health, wealth and self.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

Check out FatBurningMan.com for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!

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7 responses

  • Hi Jaime,

    Two things, you’re getting good at interviewing. Nice work.

    ..and two, he really knows his stuff. Good, honest, assessment of business, life and happiness.

    This was resplendant.

  • Thank you! Great interview. It’s difficult to find people with integrity in a world where many just focus on profits and fame.

  • As someone working to build a business developing small business tools and productivity support, I really enjoyed this interview. Energetic, fun and very natural. Thank you!


  • Great interview again Jaime. I’ve listened to it about 12x already but then watched it on your site and was just wondering if Abel has a laugh/smile count meter because he would’ve broken it! Ha! It’s so inspiring to listen/watch someone so energetic and driven. Thanks guys!

  • Hello,

    I just want to thank you for this wonderful idea, all the great information, the focus on the success of “your” eventual millionaires, in getting all the important information from your guests… Everything you are doing is just right!

    I listen to a lot of podcast about social media marketing and entrepreneurism, and can’t find other that I love so much, true story! I learn a lot from you and your guests everyday I listen to you.

    I’ starting my online business and some offline business too and I have the goal of not only be a millionaire but also be location independent and work somewhere around the world, your podcast and Tropical MBA ( they would be great guests) are the ones helping me go through all the work and problems with success.

    Thank you so much!

  • Loved this episode. Definitely checking out this book. I feel like this is a smooth transition from the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris so I am excited! Thanks again!

  • LOVE IT! šŸ™‚

    Great hearing some inside feedback from the Fat Burning Man

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