What Makes a Good Business Opportunity? With Aaron Pitman

Entrepreneur, Positivity Nut, Domain Name Investor, & Networking Professional – Aaron Pitman

Aaron PitmanWe have Aaron back on the show and he details what makes a good business opportunity. He describes what to do to test and even gives a chance to pitch him your ideas!

Go to www.AaronPitman.com for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!


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4 responses

  • Hi Jaime & Aaron, great interview, thanks!!
    What was the name of the digital agency you mentioned using?
    Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

  • Hi Jaime, thanks for the awesome interview with Aaron. I will definitely check out your first interview as well.

    Aaron’s approach of being an entrepreneur reminds my of a method in a book just read. It’s title is ‘Brains versus Capital’ and is written by Prof. Guenter Faltin. Prof. Faltin call his method of bring you business to life ‘building a business with components’. It opened my eyes.

    Aaron’s and Prof. Faltin’s approach of finding good business idea differ, but in this aspect they match almost 100%.

  • Great interview… What is the name of the digital agency? Where are the show notes?



    • Good question! I called them and they weren’t really taking new clients. Darn! 🙂

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