A SLAP That Will Transform Your Business with Carissa Reiniger

Entrepreneur & Small Business Growth Expert – Carissa Reiniger

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Carissa ReinigerIn this interview you will learn things that will CHANGE your business. I do this process with my clients too, is extremely valuable!

Carissa’s company has helped over 8,000 small business owners grow, and she does it by a SLAP. Her company creates action plans for companies, starting with one simple statement that she gives step by step advice on how to create on the show. You don’t want to miss this, this info is CRITICAL to the foundation of your business!

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Thanks so much for listening!


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19 responses

  • thank you both so much for this interview! it was crazy helpful AND inspiring. Carissa’s story is absolutely amazing and i LOVED her tips on balancing the time/money conundrum. thanks again!

    • It’s so great to hear someone explain the situation easily, a situation that EVERYONE is going through! Carissa does it so well, which is why when I saw her speak I knew I had to have her give the same advice to you. So glad you enjoyed it šŸ™‚

  • Carissa rocks big time.Go edmonton

    • I agree!! She is amazing šŸ™‚

  • I have just been slapped!

  • Hi Jaime,

    this interview was great!
    Carissa does a great job in explaining the most common struggles for small businesses and I haven’t met an entrepreneur or business owner who didn’t complain on the lack of time / money.

    I love Carissa’s enthusiasm and her passion about helping other businesses.

    The most valuable advice she gave is in my opinion that business owners need to decide immediately whether an action will grow their business or not. That’s something I’m struggeling but I’m still learning šŸ™‚

    Best regards,

    • Aren’t we all! TOo bad we can’t predict the future, that would make things easier to decide on! šŸ˜‰

  • bsd
    Hi jamie. big fan. any chance for a summery/footnotes? as she talks way too fast and I am missing a lot of the intervieiw wich is a shame as it is soooo good.

    • Yep! Transcription is being done, just a little behind. I’m trying to get a ton done for the book manuscript, and I’ve backlogged my poor transcriptionists šŸ™‚ Thanks for being patient!

  • Typical GK move to sit out Faried and almost lose it. That’s why it’s a good idea not to get too excited for the playoffs he will once again get outcoached by whoever we face and that will be unsurmountable against the top 4 teams.

  • Wow! This was one of the most insightful and practical interviews I have ever listened to. Thank you for providing this for us. Carissa is so articulate and focused- it is inspiring. I am getting out my agenda and hacking it in half.

    • Perfect!! So glad you did. Feel free to share it with others who might need it too! (I know I needed to hack my agenda too!!)

  • My favorite interview so far this year. This sentence resonated with me the most – ?Get really, really smart at figuring out how to do what you do better and change your business model and the way you deliver what you do, that?s how you can grow, become more profitable and more sustainable? ~ Carissa Reiniger.

  • Excellent conversation ladies! I am convienced that Carissa and I were seperated at birth LOL — we’re on the same path and I was SO inspired by her interview. I especially loved the concept of getting really good at what you do and then figure out the how. Thanks again!

  • Hi Jaime,
    I love all your interviews, but I found this one the most practical so far. Carissa’s message is so simple and so powerful that it put many things into perspective for me. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Jaime, thanks for sharing such a great and inspiring interview. It’s nice to hear someone talk about action steps so simply!

  • This is probably the most inspiring interview I have heard thus far. Thank you so much for bringing Carissa on!!

  • This was a very cool discussion. I loved the simple, actionable ideas. The 80/20 principle says you can probably actually remove 80% of the events on your calendar which would allow you to expand on the 20% that are getting you results. That’s easy to say and hard to do and this interview was very inspiring.

    Carissa mentioned how people go into because they love doing something and want to build a business around that and that you need to develop “the what.” That is very good; however, knowing what you do and loving what you do is not enough for a business. To build a business, you need to solve problems in a way that is economical. Business owners often do not open a business because they have a solution for a problem. Rather, they often do because they are skilled or interested in something. The “what” should not be about what you can do, but how what you can do can solve problems for others. This is extremely important to understand as it becomes the focal point of your marketing message. The capabilities you have are only valuable if they solve problems for someone else and if that solution is economical for both. For example, I do not seek dental care purely because of their skill in working with teeth. I only see the dentist because their skill in working with teeth benefits me by preventing tooth pain. The more my tooth hurts, the more I am willing to pay. “Starving artist” syndrome is a direct result of this – it is hard for an artist to address a pain point.

  • Carissa is one more of those people that has the extraordinary ability to combine exploitation, cheesy business coaching and manipulation making a successful business model where vulnerable souls feel attracted to. If you feel hesitant about how to make your business grow and you are struggling with your entrepreneurship as any other small business owner, Carissa is the right person to take advantage of you with Silver Lining?s exorbitant pricing. SLAP ?

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