A Guide to Business Acquisition with Hayden Miyamoto

Hayden Miyamoto is the co-founder of Wired Investors, Kingmakers, and Acquira. He has boot-strapped several 6- and 7-figure businesses and invested in over 30. Hayden has deep experience developing systems to scale businesses. He is an investor and adviser and sits on the board of several companies.

Hayden’s goal is to help people solve for money because it is the biggest obstacle to their quality of life. There are two popular paths to doing that:

  • Be a career employee exchanging your time for money. Save money and retire at 65.
  • Become an entrepreneur, build businesses and exit your business.

“The real true power of compounding doesn’t occur unless you’ve worked on something for many years.” – Hayden Miyamoto

Episode Highlights:

  • Acquira’s unique business model
  • The process on how to prep people for business acquisition
  • How to find a good business to acquire (and the constraints one might encounter)
  • The intake process in business acquisition
  • Marketing tips you need to do when you acquire a business


Wired Investors

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