Follow Up with Old Prospects and Old Customers:

How long has it been since you went through your ?old? list?

When time passes we forget about old prospects, people we met at a conference, or even old customers that might need our services or products again!

Step One:

Make a list of old customers and prospects

-Go back through old invoices or your accounting software to write down the names.

-Go back through your CRM or prospecting system.

If you are like a lot of small business owners, you don?t have a CRM or system ? so do this:

-Go through old email looking up specific keywords depending on your business (proposal, signatures, coaching etc).

-Go through your LinkedIn contacts and see if anyone was a prospect that you are already connected to.

-I even go through Facebook looking for people I have met at a conference.

Step Two:

Don?t just email them cold. Look them up on social media and see what is new with them. See if there is something of value you can add to what is going on with them right now. Maybe they just launched a new product, or hired a new employee and you can use that as a reason to reconnect.

Try to raise the bar too, like a hand written card, or something that makes you stand out. Clients that worked with you before will want more, not just the same old service or product in the past. What can you do differently that will really serve their needs best?

Step Three:

When you follow up, show them that you actually CARE.

I check in with past clients just because I really want to know how they are doing. We work together for such a long period of time, it?s hard for me not to get updates! So I email them and ask. Occasionally it turns into a re-engagement or I can help them with an product or service I?m an affiliate for too but I don?t push hard, I just try to help. It makes it a win-win for everyone ? not a ?I?m checking in because I want to make more money from you!?

The email is super simple and looks something like this:

Just checking in!

Hey John!

Just thought of you and figured I?d reach out. I saw on social [insert thing here] How?s that going?

I ran across this article/site/etc too and thought you would enjoy. [link]

I?d love any updates on where you are at!



Step Four:

Follow up! Don?t forget this ? it?s one of the most important pieces! People are busy and emails get lost. And stay tuned because later in the program I?ll be giving you specific follow-up templates you can use with people to get a better response rate and not be seem spammy! (But do the initial emails/contacts now so in a few days you can follow up and use the templates!)

Now get back to hustlin!!

BONUS: If you want an awesome hustle song ? Check out this song by ? You can go hard or you can go home! (I listen to it on repeat sometimes!)

Action Item:

  1. Make a list of warm prospects (old customers and clients) and sell them right now. Use the worksheet here.


If none of these current opportunities posts apply, that doesn?t mean do nothing. A recent millionaire I interviewed said you should do this,?this week!

**Make a list of 25 opportunities that will make you money this week that align in your business.**

You can find the worksheet here!


Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 5 and be sure and catch up with us to share Big Money Wins in our Private Facebook group!