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We hear over and over again that ?the money is in the list? ? that if you don?t have a long list of prospective buyers, you can?t build up a business. But that?s not entirely true. I?ve seen clients with HUGE lists who will email out an offer and get absolutely no sales.

Why don?t their huge lists bring in any money? Because humans can be lazy: we might intend to make a purchase, but we?ll set aside an offer until we have more time or money, then forget all about it.

Landing a sale requires reminding your prospects that they already want to buy your product or service: you need to follow up (sometimes more than once) to get sales. The same holds true no matter your approach to sales ? whether you?re emailing an offer to your list or making sales over the phone, you need to have a system for following up with prospects.

Read on to see my templates for one-on-one follow up emails. These templates can be tweaked for broadcast or autoresponder follow up emails, depending on your business? approach.

Template: Inviting a Prospect to Lunch or to a Phone Call

Hi Amy,

I wasn?t sure if you preferred soup and salad or a burger for lunch, so I went with both. They?ve got a gift card waiting for you at the front desk of this great local restaurant on Main.

I?d love to take you out and discuss your website options.

Does next Friday at 12:00 pm at Main Street Restaurant work?

See you soon,


Template: Cold Emailing a Prospect

Hey Bob,

I saw you on Yelp and was blown away by your 4.5-star rating for mass media in the St. Louis region.

We help improve electronic signals throughout the area and have seen an increase in revenue by 45% in our customers.

I?d love to send you our top 8 ways to do that.

I?ve got this mailing address for you ? is it current?

1234 Main Street

Floor 5

St. Louis, MO 62015

Best regards,


Template: Following Up on a Cold Email


I?m writing to follow up on my email. I didn?t hear back from anyone. If it makes sense to continue, let me know what days you have open on your calendar.

If not, can you direct me to the appropriate person to speak to?

Thanks for your help,


Templates: General Follow Ups


So excited to help you expand your warehouse.

Love to help finish things up by Friday, if possible.


Hi Cheryl,

I really had a great time speaking with you last week. I just want to see which of the 8 ways you?re using to boost your sales team productivity. If you haven?t started them, I?d love to show you a few things. Are you available for a 20-minute call on Wednesday at 10:30 am? Just let me know what you can schedule in.

Talk with you soon,


Template: Ending Contact (Final Follow Up)

Hi Betsy,

I was really looking forward to putting together an eyeshadow palette of makeup for you, but I haven?t heard a response to my calls or emails. That means this will be my last email where you will hear from me. If you change your mind and would like to give us a try, please let me know and I can have that palette whipped up in no time for you.



Action Items

  1. Make a list of all the prospects that you have not yet written or called back yet.
  2. Follow up with all of the prospects you contacted this week. You can download the PDF of all of the scripts here.


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