Day 1- Create Your Goal and Measure! (2)

Your goal today ? set the stage.

First things first, you need to set ONE big goal to achieve within the next 14 days.

Most likely you will choose revenue (I mean hey – it?s all about earning $2k in 2 weeks!) but you can also choose the?number of clients, or number of products sold etc.


Most goals are just silly… “I want to make $2k in two weeks!”

That’s a great goal, BUT, it doesn?t say anything about HOW you are going to do that. So we have to break that goal down way further so you know the actions you need to take to make that amount.


?I get it Jaime – awesome! Now, how the heck do I do that???

Let?s to figure out exactly what you need to DO to achieve that goal.

What do you sell?

I would highly recommend picking one specific product or service to sell this week.

Focus your efforts on your best seller.

On average, how much is the revenue per item from your best selling item? It could be a website package?or a specific supplement or product you sell.

Then use this formula:
$2,000/Product Cost = Number of Customers you have to sell

For example:

You sell a $97 program.$2,000/$97 = 20.6 customers

So in order to hit your $2k goal, you need to sell at least 21 customers into your program in the next 14 days.

Or example #2:

You are a web designer that charges $2,000 for your best selling simple website package.

$2,000/$2,000 = 1 customers

(You can see the different between higher priced products and services easily with this example, right? 😉


(I?ll wait).

I need to sell __________ customers in the next 14 days!!!

So that?s a great number to have. But how do you find them and sell them?

We need to figure out how many people need to be asked for the sale before they buy from you. ?This is simple conversion and sales ratio numbers. You?ll need to know on average how many people you pitched to (sales appointments, or visited your sales page) compared to how many people bought.

If you do not know these numbers right now we are going to have you take an educated guess. This is what it looks like.


To make an educated guess on this – look back at your last 10 clients/products sold. Can you look at analytics or how many sales appointments you had to sell to them?

Then let?s go back even further – how many people do you think you needed to talk to to get those – or how many new people opted in to your email list, or emailed you about your services, or clicked on your website, or how many people did you talk to at networking events before you got that one sale appointment booked?

We want to start to create some form of predictability in these next two weeks.

What you want to know is?

If I can talk to 100 of the RIGHT people in two weeks, on average I will get 10 sales appointments, and I usually close 50% so that means 5 new clients (and I sell on average $400 per client, so that?s my $2,000!).

Then you figure out how many people you need to contact each day.

100 people/14 days = about 7 per day

Then your actions come from – how do I find the RIGHT 7 people every day?

Seems way more doable then – “I need to sell 5 clients!! How do I do that!?? And it puts much more emotion on you when you talk to one person and they decline. It?s a numbers game, and you can only control how many people go into the top of the funnel.

(And you can always tweak and improve the conversion rates too- but we?ll talk about that later this week!)


So let?s say you are selling a $97 product, and for every 20 people that go to your sales page ? one buys. That?s a 5% conversion rate on your sales page. That means you need:

20 * 21 customers = 420

The main question to answer then is – how do you get 420 people to your sales page?


Let?s say you?re a web designer.

One client = $2,000 website

You need to have 3 sales appointment in order to get one sale.

You need to talk to at least 10 people that might be interested, in order to get one sales appointment.

10 prospects * 3 sales appointments = 30 prospects to get 1 new client

That means you need to figure out how to talk to 30 prospects this week to get one new client.

Which means in the next 14 days, you need to talk to 8.4 potential customers each day (let?s just say 9!).

SECOND: We?ll need to crunch the numbers?

Then the next question is ? how do I find those ____new people every day?

We?ll go into more depth about that question in the following days ? but think about one way that has worked in the past and go rock that out today!

What?s been the BEST tactic to reach the right people for you? ?The best way to do that is to look where those last 10 sales came from!

How can we times that tactic by 10??

(and if you don?t know – post in the FB group – say ?Jaime! I?m excited – but I don?t know how to level up this (say the tactic that works best) tactic by 10.. HELP! 🙂

The team and I are here for you! 🙂

But before you go? one last (critically important) thing?

What you measure you move-so make sure you download this goal worksheet and put it UP and look at it daily and figuring out exactly how to get there.


You can also use this IFTTT recipe to have it send you a daily text to remind you!


GOOD LUCK – and have fun Hustling!


Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 and be sure and catch up with us to share Big Money Wins in our Private Facebook group!