You’re Not a Millionaire Yet and It’s Your Fault – with Larry Winget

Six-Time Bestselling Author, Speaker & TV personality. The Pitbull of Personal Development? – Larry Winget


larry-winget-204The Pitbull of personal development joins me today – with a kick in the butt that you need! Larry lays is all down in simple terms. You are the problem, AND you are the solution. He gives solid advice on how you can take control back of your life and circumstances to achieve anything you want.

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10 responses

  • Very eye opening and came at a time I was feeling sorry for myself. Thank you

  • Love it. Some tough love from Larry. A lot of truth in his messaging. Especially the point that we live in a society that is reluctant to sacrifice anything in order to achieve success.

  • Wow# just what I needed on a Monday Great stuff from Larry as always

  • Sound issue. Larry’s sound often was broken.

  • We’ve got to be ok with being out-of-balance.

    I needed to hear that.

    So hard to accept that when everyone around me is trying so hard to find balance.

  • My goodness! This was a very energizing review and true. I loved the part where Larry said you have to ask for it. I find many people don’t ask and expect people to assume they have value. We have to ask and constantly be working towards giving more.

  • Just shared this on all my business related channels. Thank you for this.

  • This interview has been in replay in my head since I heard it. Every time I even start to complain to myself about something I now hear Larry in my head reminding me that everything is the way I chose it to be. If I want it to be different….change it! Got it, Larry.

  • I’ve done a lot of professional training and development work. I’ve taken seminars, courses, week-end retreats, etc. The idea that Larry posits that our life is completely our responsibility makes sense at first, but if you look at it long enough, you’ll see it has some holes and is a strong sales mechanism used to make people keep coming back to buy his brand of self-help because they find that no matter what they do, their lives are not where they want them to be. We can ALWAYS weight 5 pounds less or have $100,000 more in the bank. Our kids can always be doing better in school or be more popular. Our vacation spots could always get more exotic and interesting. We are adults. We should take responsibility, but sometimes things happen that are not under our control – a death, a car accident leaving someone crippled, the collapse of a housing market. Under Larry’s logic, the person who lost their house in the housing bubble is to blame. Sure, they bought the house in the first place and that was their choice and I get that. However, when the whole market went tits-up, they had no say in that matter and I am sure they did not want to go broke, as Larry’s teachings imply. I am sure Larry is a great speaker and a compelling writer. Self-help gurus usually are, otherwise they wouldn’t gain the followings they have. Just take it from a guy whose spent thousands of dollars on seminars and courses – keep an eye on what you are purchasing. The package is shiny and bright and some of the content is fairly interesting and helpful, but what’s inside is not the end-all, be-all of the universe like they try to convince you it is. If you ever do a seminar or work with a guru, just remember, they are equally as human as you, even if they try to come off like they have the secret to living, finances, weight loss, relationships, excellence, responsibility, etc. etc. AND remember – that you are PAYING them for what they do, so it’s not like they are acting out of some sense of social justice or a real desire to see people get better. It’s a job like any other in a huge industry like any other.

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