Yanik Silver – A $400,000 Slap to the Head

Serial entrepreneur, and author – Yanik Silver

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Yanik SilverWe break down Yanik’s success and pivotal moments. Why he said he’s never given any project 1000% but now Is changing things. His ah-ha moment on why he wants to create a “headpin”. We also talk about his $400,000 failure, and new trends he is seeing in the future.

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12 Responses to “Yanik Silver – A $400,000 Slap to the Head”

  1. Jason McFarlane

    Thanks Yanik for coming on the show to teach us something! You reminded me to look into direct-response marketing instead of doing these dreadful cold calls. Also, thanks Jaime for making this happen. :)

  2. Stephen Hart

    Take away provoking thoughts/questions:
    How do I provide 10x – 100x value to my customers?

    How do I create a fully automated website that makes me money while I sleep, is an incredible value to people and is not just an ebook?

    Better Questions Create Better Answers!!

    And the winning question for me guaranteed to keep me up tonight:
    What are the 5% of activities you can do that will have an impact on 95% of your productivity!

    I loved this interview. Thanks Jaime. Lots to put on the table after hearing this one.

    • Jaime

      I LOVE this list of take aways Stephen! You boiled it all down for me too. Especially with this:

      What are the 5% of activities you can do that will have an impact on 95% of your productivity!

      So happy to have Yanik on the show :)

  3. Dan Brown

    Hey Jaime,

    Just saw you on the Mike From Maine show and really found a ton of value in your tips for connecting with other bloggers on the web.

    I’m also a huge fan of Yanik’s so will be listening to this interview shortly.

    I joined your mailing list too so looking forward to more great content!



  4. Evan

    Money is a very imperfect indicator of value (if it is one at all).

    If it was a good indicator every single parent would be a millionaire.

    The idea of the headpin is just superb.

  5. Tito

    Great Interview for YANIK SILVER :)
    I joined your mailing list as well to find valuable interview videos :)

    Your rock Jaime !


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