The BEST Way to Make a Lot of Money: Give – With Bob Burg the Go-Giver

Best-selling Author and Speaker – Bob Burg

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Bob BurgBest selling author Bob Burg joins me, and gives away his secrets for growing a business with a win-win for everyone. I’ve found this strategy to be HUGELY helpful in my business, and I highly recommend listening in to learn strategies that will change the way you do your business.

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A Quick and Really Fun Overview of The Go-Giver

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26 responses

  • Jaime did you see the latest MuscleScience article!?

    Although we typically give fitness advice – last week I posted up recommending one of my favorite books that I had just finished for the 3rd time – “The Go Giver”

    Absolutely love that book, and great interview (as usual)!

    Thank you both!

    • Awesome! Funny how that works out šŸ˜‰

  • Just what I needed!
    I am fashion designer and I am a person who enjoys giving my whole to anybody, specially when I design a gown..I needed this because I don’t charge what I deserve. Even though that my work is very well done with a plus I just don’t ask for a fare amount and, NOW I understand that I should!!, to complete the cycle!
    Thank you Bob Burg for your words and thanks for this Blog, is GREAT!

    • Woo! Great, so glad you had that amazing takeaway. šŸ™‚

  • Hey Jaime, That was a great interview with Bob Burg and I’m getting his book Go-Giver. I have a question about applying this stategy as a novice coach. Do you think a novice business or life coach can ask for more money or is it just a head thing to not earn what you are worth? Also, which books you recommend for a business coach?


    • I think a novice coach can probably provide more value than what they are willing to charge at first. It’s a lot in your head. But I charged VERY little at first to make sure I was comfortable and then I offered a 100% guarantee, even after months of coaching if they weren’t happy they would get their money back. That way I knew they would get their value from it.

      I think a mentor would be more beneficial than a book to learn business coaching actually! Though I do like the E-myth and recommend it highly if a business coach hasn’t read it yet šŸ™‚

  • Please, insert the transcript soon!

  • We require all new Franchise Partners for all of our brands to read Go Giver prior to attending LaunchCAMP training. It is a great book! We actually buy it and send it to them as a training prerequisite!
    Thanks for the helpful info.

  • I literally started lol when he was talking about the lady with the bridal shop. Bob is so animated which he should be as the concepts he presents in Go Giver are so fundamentally foundational to who we are as people.

  • Just saw all of your very kind words. WOW – very appreciated Kevin, Lizette, Raymond, Zahid, and Jerrod. Please know how much your very thoughtful and encouraging comments mean to me! And, Jaime, thank you for having me as a guest on your show. You are a total delight and a terrific host!

  • Hi Jamie!

    No transcript for the Burg interview? I’m looking all over but it isn’t there. šŸ™


  • I have been enjoying your video interviews for quite a while now. They are powerful and intentional. Please don’t stop!! It reminds me of a magazine that I was in love with and then they quite publishing hard copies. It was called Millionaire Blueprint.

  • Jaime, this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever listened/watched. Bob Burg just hit the nail in the head that is making me right now aiming to increase more value than ever. How can I give value to you?

    • So glad to hear Cheval! Happy you liked it. Keep working on your stuff and come back to me as a success story- that will give me value!! šŸ™‚

  • The key about delivering value vs. commodity is the difference between abundance and a slow death. Loved the wedding dress story as well. Thank you! – Lawrence Black

  • I love this interview, it summarizes WHY giving away free content on the actually works. People who get this make the internet a better place and in doing so create followers who are more than happy to pay for additional services.

    One of the thoughts around this that confused me is the fact that if you place a “free” price tag on something, people are naturally led to the assumption that it isn’t really worth anything. (I’m talking about online when you they may get your free offer without first having discovered your value)

    Jaime, I looked at what you are doing with your own business model and see the interviews as the giveaway but your real value of interpreting the advice and using that to motivate and inspire people through coaching/writing/teaching. You charge for what your true value is.

    My conclusion is that I think what you give vs. what you charge for should be based around your true value as an individual. Meaning what you can offer to your clients uniquely that nobody else can duplicate should never be discounted. Discount/give away things that aren’t really unique.

    I think if someone was to get the free/paid association the wrong way it would send the wrong message.

    Jaime, what are your thoughts on this?

    • That’s a really interesting way to look at it!
      I do find that one of my greatest strengths is coaching, which is not what I am giving away for free.
      But I’m not sure if it HAS to be that way.
      Some people like James Schramko of (I’ve interviewed him and it will be coming out soon!) gives away his advice on his blog and podcast, and he sells his advice in programs. It’s an interesting dynamic!

      So I’m not sure if there is a specific rule on this in my opinion šŸ™‚
      It’s all a test to see what works!

      It is an interesting thought!

  • HI JAIME!!
    What a terrific inspiration Bob Burg is!!! He just enthuses passion and commitment WOW!!! I am sitting here in my little house in Melbourne and have taken up what Bob has suggested – And it resonates with me no end .
    I am a disability support worker and tutor at a college here in Melbourne and what Bob suggests is actually what life is about- If you are based on price you are a commodity but if you release value YOU ARE A RESOURCE!!!
    I have been guilty along with Jaime for giving and giving until it hurts but playing that game leads to being abused and a slave to labour. You MUST value yourself and your service – it is what makes people VALUE YOU!!!
    Terrific interview Jaime and I hope you have Bob back again soon! I have suggested that my students look at the website , because it is about business yes! But it is also about life coaching – WELL DONE BOB and Jaime-
    Love to all

  • I just finished listening to your great interview @ with JLD today and can’t wait to come here and it is worth coming.

    I’ve my list of best interviewees of JLD and the number just increased today, you are cool! I’ve learned a lot.

    When I landed to your website, I randomly picked your interview with Bob Burg, It is powerful.

    Thanks for doing what you are doing I’ll be sticking around to learn from your web show.

  • Bob Burg is fantastic! He has such an optimistic outlook, is a brilliant writer, and a great interview!!!

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