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  • Coaching Session with Lain: On-boarding a Team Member

    With my first team member on board, we talked about how to systematize her on-boarding process so I can be a good manager and so that I can be prepared for scaling. To do this Jaime asked me to have my new assistant DOCUMENT everything. I was so glad to hear Jaime wanted my new assistant to document the detailed, step-by-step processes and key insights because that is not one of my strengths!

  • How To Get Rid Of Food Addictions With Susan Peirce Thompson

    Why certain foods are addictive and what a recovery program actually looks like. What is “The Willpower Gap” and why is preventing you from getting results.

  • Your Social Currency With Gerard Adams

    Is content marketing still relevant and what it really means to be “authentic.” Why chasing likes and comments is practically worthless. The single most…

  • The 5 Phases of Visualization with Justin Ledford

    Many millionaires use visualizations to help them achieve their goals. Visualizing isn’t just woo woo, it’s science backed now! Learn Justin’s specific…

  • Unveiling the New EventualMillionaire.com!

    I am so excited to reveal our brand, spanking new website! Check out the amazing team at Venveo.com who created this masterpiece! We have been working on this for months curating resources specific to you for whatever stage of business that you are in.

  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast: Episode One – About Jaime

    In the first episode I talk about my story of being in a job I hated and paying off $70k so I could quit. Then I talk about my goal, and …