Mobile App Marketing That Gets Results With Steve Young

CEO & Founder at App Masters – Steve Young

How to use LinkedIn to get featured by Apple store. Where to find under-served and starving markets to promote your apps. What to include in your emails when you’re cold pitching people you don’t know. Two email “hacks” you can use straight away. Why you shouldn’t try too hard to sound professional in your pitches. The reason why Steve launches all his mobile apps in Switzerland store first. When you shouldn’t do any PR at all. – App Marketing Agency & Mobile Growth Hacking

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8 responses

  • Great episode. I am a Steve loyal listener from when it was App Chat or something similar, and Jamie was the first podcast I listened to in December of 2012.

    I am inspired by this podcast; it is refreshing to be reminded that much of success consists of hard work and persistence which Steve clearly articulated. I was one of the recipients of the 15 minutes call that Steve mentioned back in 2014 I believe.

    My takeaway from this episode is that I think I will start an app development Agency. It may not be scalable but neither is Freelancing.

  • A lot of nice take aways from this interview Steve!

    Glad to listen. You are bringing some really nice people from different industry dissecting some real golden nuggets!

    Keep on keeping on. 🙂

    • Thanks bro! Let me know if I can help in any way.

  • There’s a ton of really good suggestions in here. Focusing on marketing has been something I’ve been told over and over again, but this interview sealed the deal for me and made me realize exactly what I need to do with my own business. Love the tip on emojis in the subject line too! Great conversation.

    • Thanks Paul!

  • Steve is a giver and a pro. I know he specializes in apps, but his advice is universal from marketing to confidence building. 🙂

  • Thanks Jaime for a great podcast. Steve is as enthusiastic as ever and it’s hard not to feel positive after chatting with him after only a few minutes. I’m hoping some of the latest tips we be helping our game see the light. Still so much for us to learn, but it’s fun riding the Gaming App Roller Coaster! 🙂

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