Shifting Your Identities With Rob Scott

Evolving Consciousness at Fundamental Shift, LLC – Rob Scott

A three-step process to uncover deep beliefs buried in your unconscious mind you never thought you had. What is an “identity shift” and why it’s the only way to make a lasting change. Why most therapy work out there doesn’t stick. The only one thing your subconscious mind is really interested in and why it works against you. The three realms of yourself you need to focus on when you want results. How to “trick” your subconscious mind into changing your worst patterns without resistance. – Fundamentally Shift Everything – Discover how to master your life, destroy your hidden limits, and unleash your inner superpower right now… – FREE 7-Day Meditation Challenge and 10-Lesson Online Course!

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3 responses

  • Wish this interview kept going and going and going…. Rob is an awesome guest! He articulated several great take-aways within a relatively short amount of time. And as always Jaime…your ability and authenticity rocked! Looking forward to a continuation of this series!!

  • Hi Jaime,

    I’m seeing the meditation resource and smiling 🙂

    Rob’s advice is spot on, and meditating expands your awareness to help you uncover, embrace and release limiting beliefs/energies. I recall during lean years how I said I wanted to be successful but my energy was mired in fear, lack and limitation. Meditating helped me see, feel and release many deeply held fears, so my energy could predominantly flow from love, and fun, and happiness. All good energies for retiring to a life of island hopping and for inspiring other folks to do the same.

    Thanks for sharing guys 🙂

    Signing off from Thailand.


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