One technique Brenton Hayden uses for Creating businesses, helping customers, and dealing with frustration

CEO, Franchisor, Radio Host, Entrepreneur – Brenton Hayden

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Listen in as Brenton gives a ton of advice on how he deals with new ideas, frustrations, and building relationships.
He has started over 18 companies and he discusses how he is rebranding the most recent company he just bought!
Great actionable info for any entrepreneur!

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4 responses

  • Awesome Interview. A couple of things that shed some light on it for me was taking clarity breaks, and building relationships. Being an entrepreneur is unique and not for everyone, so listening to Brenton allowed me some insightful ways that he builds relationships and deals with the everyday difficulties of being in business. Its not always a smooth road. I especially liked his approach to go into a market and define and know his unique selling proposition. Lots of good stuff!

    • I agree- Brenton always has great advice. šŸ™‚

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