Creating an 8 Figure Business at 24 Years old at with Nathan Latka

Founder, Chief Executive Officer at – Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka 204In this in person interview we dive into how Nathan knew NOTHING when he started at 21 and had $70,000 in revenue before he ever build his product. It’s exactly how an entrepreneur should validate an idea, and he didn’t even know it! A few short years later they have grown massively, but Nathan doesn’t think that he had any special knowledge beforehand. He was an architecture major! (He also now reads 3 books a week and teaches us his process for cataloging all of that information – don’t miss that!) AND he gives us some amazing case studies for his business

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:


Go to for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!


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30 responses

  • Great interview! I do the same with my e courses…I pre-sell them, then I create them. It’s like getting paid to create šŸ™‚

    • Awesome strategy Jordan! What is your site? Would love to check out the products you’ve created! šŸ™‚

  • Great Interview!!! Tons of helpful info, thanks for the update!

    • Thanks Brandon!

  • Wow! Thanks Nathan and Jaime!

    I am in the medical device industry – doing a bit of R&D, and quality/documentation stuff. I would love to hear what Nathan would do with that!

  • Hi! What a fabulous interview. I loved all your tips about triggers and eliminating unhelpful habits. I work as a personal stylist for real women helping them dress for their bodies, reclaim their wardrobes and revamp their image through style. I currently work with clients one on one and have been thinking about how to build some leverage into my business, like you mentioned, I only have so many seconds left šŸ™‚ I would love to capture more leads using Heyo but not quite sure what I can offer other than my time. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  • Jaime & Nathan,

    What a FABULOUS interview with so much great information! I plan to listen to it a second time it was so good.

    I have literally just started to build my website. I guess you could say I am in the Education & Tech tools industry. Nathan, if you are serious, I would LOVE some suggestions of things you would recommend.

    Looking forward to the webinar on Wednesday evening.

    Mary Miller

  • Awesome interview Nathan! I am going to impliment some of your morning rituals. (Check emails, 30 push-ups, etc). My wife and I just opened up a caregiving agency licensed through the State of a Texas (DADS).

  • Hey Nathan. Great Interview. My experience with triggers is the use of incense and music when I am writing. The little ceremony of putting on a specific minimal techno DJ set and lighting a 30 min burn incense, never fails to get me started.

  • Really high value interview, love the systematic thinking when it comes to automation – was extremely timely for me. From what I have learned in other sources, the strategies described in the interview are key to behavior change and ultimately creating millionaire habits.

    My business is a part-time Functional Medicine/Clinical Nutrition Practice in Arizona, and my long-term project is to develop my personal blog with premium e-guides on specific health topics.

  • No. I haven’t used triggers. Should do more of it.

    Online media company, Vallano Media.

    It was an excellent interview, Jaime.

    Will aim to make the webinar this Wednesday.

  • He’s really incredible! This was a great interview, definitely one of my favorite and I will be sharing it with others!

  • Great interview! Will definitely implement the morning routine and being more intentional; life really is short!
    I’m a textile designer who’s hoping to get a job (so I can eliminate student loans) but seriously desires to print and produce my very own designs for the home fashion market, e.g. throw pillows, bedding, curtains.
    Will book to watch the webinar!

  • Hi Nathan,

    When I think about it. I have used triggers before, when I was trying to ride as my idols in the sport of downhill mountain biking. But that was long time ago… šŸ™‚

    Currently I am software developer working as contractor, and developing software for clients. That means that I am in the industry my clients are. Currently transportation ticketing. I would be honored if you could help me on some ideas towards a path to millionaire

    Thank you very much for you advice in advance.

  • Jaime and Nathan,
    Thank you for the great interview and insight into building a life that supports learning. We all have the opportunity to continue our growth and experience, and appears the successful ones already know this tip. Keep learning and stay hungry

    I’m in the middle of building a new business focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs develop their brand personality with Audio, Video and consistency in the social stream. I would love to get any feedback you have to share and thanks again for the great work.

    Enjoy the day,

  • This was my first Tardy exposure after coming over from EOFire and loved it. Nathan I am in the hospitality / travel industry with Vail Resorts but I want to build a startup in the ticketing events industry mainly concerts in the Social Media realm. Any thoughts?

  • Great interview, Jamie & Nathan! I definitely perked up when I heard Nathan talk about Tech and NOVA. (I grew up in Fairfax, went to JMU, and live in Ashburn now.)

    Nathan – I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and ask if you’d like to grab lunch whenever you come back to NOVA from Blacksburg. Your success is inspiring and I’m ready to follow in your footsteps!

    Thanks again for the great interview and take care!


  • I wish I could reply to each of you individually! Thank you for the kind words šŸ™‚

  • Jaime!

    I love your podcast, blog and content. I discovered your work through Pat Flynn’s podcast – starting mastermind groups – this spring, and I have been hooked to your material since!

    You have a great interview style and quite frankly one of the best that I’ve come across – you are able to ask pointed for the most relevant information to be shared within 30 – 60.


    In the podcast you suggested we post what industry we are in. I am a youth mental health speaker. I transform the way middle, high school and college students think about mental health stigma and seeking help by sharing my personal journey with bipolar disorder.

    As a public speaker and “Acceptance Ambassador”TM, I would love to hear some of the tips you may have for me to grow my business.

    Btw, I will be on the webinar this evening.

    Thank you both!

  • Q after webinar: could we pay through paypal? I know it’s unusual but I do not have a credit card (yet).

  • Hi,
    I just watched the webinar and joined for $30 a month – I did not realize that signing up monthly did not include the bonuses! And now I’ve forgotten what the bonuses were….where can I find the offered bonuses and decide to join for the year? Also, I am not entirely clear how to monetize the FB contests and create conversions – how can I get more information?
    Thank you!

  • Love Jamie interviews and her book too
    I missed this interview with Heyo Nathan because of time zone differences.
    I will be listening to the recorded version.
    Thank you Jamie , you always share the best

  • Hey Nathan,

    As a similar aged person (25 year old) running a Digital Marketing Agency (focused on Facebook) I really loved your interview. This is one of the first times I have ever left a comment ever (and I am a junkie for content like jaime tardy, pat flynn, tim ferriss, etc…).

    Like you said in the video, I’d love your 2 cents on any advice for my business.

    Some more information:
    We have 3 contractors working with me.
    We have around 15 monthly recurring clients.
    Looking to scale and productize the service in a scable way.
    Building business around 5% every month at the moment.

    Thanks again.

    • Love that you’re hustling so hard. Email me to talk details (will be easier than this comment thread!) Nathan at heyo dot com

  • I totally use triggers. Not quite as refined as “acting like Warren Buffett” but I definitely use triggers to modify my behavior.

  • Hello Nathan

    I live in Montreal Canada.

    I rent 3 apartments via Airbnb. Each apartment produces about $1600/month net profit. My plan is to buy one additional apartment per year. Next year I am planning to include renting automobiles through the sharing economy.

    I wonder how can I get to one million faster?

    Thank you.

    • I’m also doing this – email me and I’ll let you in some secrets working well.

      nathan at heyo dot com

  • Hello Nathan,

    It was so nice meeting you in Orlando, FL at the East Social Fresh conference. Then I find you here this interview was awesome! After the conference I have a sense of urgency for myself to get my business rolling. I am so ready to quit my job and start, thank you so much for your words and resources. I love the idea of reading about successful biography. Lately, I’ve been reading and thinking of getting the audible to read more book got that from Pat Flynn.

    Yes! I agree on systems and trigger points. I took Brendon Burchard ideas on taking break every hours to stretch and drink water to help with energy and helping on focusing. I also read an article about millionaire practices one of them was wakes up at 5am. I’ve added this to my schedule for a year now and it has helped me become more proactive and focus on my business.

    Madeline Yau

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