You are going to get my step-by-step system for creating your rocking business, even if you don’t have an idea! No fluff, just hardcore business advice that will make you take action and see results!

Each week you’ll know exactly what you need to do, there are Q&A’s and worksheets that will hone in on ONLY the things you need to do. Sign up and you get access to the entire course right away!

You will go from nothing to paying customer in 4 weeks!

Phase 1: Idea / Setup
  • How Millionaires Found their Ideas
  • How to find a sustainable business idea
  • What to do first (and what not to worry about!)
Phase 2: Idea Validation
  • How to evaluate those ideas based on your life, how much money you have to start, and how much time
  • Get real, tested, feedback on your ideas NOW
  • Feel confident with your decision on ONE business idea to move forward on
Phase 3: Marketing
  • Why you don’t need a 40 page business plan but you do need a Square Business Plan
  • Figure out exactly who you need to market to, and how to market to them
  • How to plan your launch into the market
Phase 4: Paying Customers and Beyond
  • How to find paying customers and get them to buy from you! (You don’t have a business until you have customers!)
  • How to create your own mastermind group and find a mentor to help you (for free!)


I think the biggest thing I got out of the class is the drive to move forward. I use to stop when I ran into a road block, but thanks to the help of this class I am on my way to opening my business.

Alex Walker

Millionaire Start totally put everything in order for me–what to do first, what to do next, and what to not worry about until later. We learned what to measure to make sure we’re on the right track, and what to get going right away! Best money spent on my business start up, no question!

John Verbrugge

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Hi, I'm Jaime Masters

Author of Eventual Millionaire and a top business coach who is known for getting rock solid results.

I teach ambitious CEOs, entrepreneurs and small business owners how to optimize every area of their business like pumping profit into their bottom line, implementing sales funnels that create the perfect customer, and marketing strategies that lead to massive conversions. All without losing out on living life and loving the journey.

Download Millionaire Start Now


Rate: $97

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