The Business Of Board Games With Michael Mindes

‎Founder & CEO of ‎Tasty Minstrel Games, LLC – Michael Mindes

How to test product to market fit in such an unusual niche. The simple reason why Michael doesn’t care about trends and still manages to create games that sell. How to tell when it’s time to hire more people and what you should pay them. The single most expensive “mistake” you can make in your business and what to do to avoid it. Latest marketing strategies that work surprisingly well for board games industry. When it makes sense to use Kickstarter and when it’s a waste of time. – To heal the world by providing games that strengthen family unity, communication, and love.

Martian Dice – TMG – Abduct as many different specimens as you can- but be sure to fight off those pesky tanks or you’ll leave empty-handed.

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  • The gaming industry is difficult to get into, since there are already many giant companies dominating, but there’s always a place for someone who’s determined and focused.

    PS: really appreciate you giving us transcripts. I read faster than listen to the audio/video interviews, so having the transcript to scan really saved me time and made me really enjoy the interview 🙂

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