Millionaires And Money With Melissa Krivachek

Author, Coach, and Speaker – Melissa Krivachek

The one thing that’s preventing you get better at sales. (And no, it’s not fear of rejection.) How cleaning up clutter in your wardrobe can help you make better business decisions. How to make every piece of your life efficient. (Hint: Replace your to-do list with this.) Compress a year’s worth of goals into 12 weeks… and actually achieve them! Why you can’t delegate well until you have this one thing figured out. What is “Obsessive Consumption Disorder” and how to get rid of it. Why Melissa thinks you already have all the connections you need… even if you think you don’t. How to use your resistance to help you move forward.

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  • Hey Jamie. Does this one ring true for you???

  • Hello “Millionaires and Money” her website cannot be found is what happens when I look for her website.

    • Antonio,

      We will inform Melissa about the problems on her site.

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