Lewis Howes – From his Sister’s Couch to $2.5 Million in Revenue Last Year

Retired Football player, co-author of LinkedIn success book, LinkedIn Master Strategies book and LinkedWorking – Lewis Howes

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If you don’t know Lewis already you’ll be excited to hear his story. He also tells us Exactly what he would do if he were starting today with no contacts and only $1,000 to start. Great tips and advice for finding a mentor too!

Have you found a mentor? I’ve been asked a lot about this lately. How important is it, and how did you find them?

Check out LewisHowes.com.

And buy his book on webinars here.

Any questions? Let me know!


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3 responses

  • Outstanding. I wasn’t planning to watch the whole video, but once I got started I couldn’t turn it off. One of the most helpful interviews I’ve seen on the internet.

    • Thanks Arlee! Glad you enjoyed it šŸ™‚

  • Mate my email id is ujjanupapmaa854@gmail.co
    m could you please guide me how to go for the millions.

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