Coaching Session with Lain: On-boarding a Team Member

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Back to the regular long-distance programming…

We had so much to cover — a lot of progress made, yet some active actions avoided. But Jaime didn’t let me get away with anything! Read on to hear the details…


With my first team member on board, we talked about how to systematize her on-boarding process so I can be a good manager and so that I can be prepared for scaling. To do this Jaime asked me to have my new assistant DOCUMENT everything. I was so glad to hear Jaime wanted my new assistant to document the detailed, step-by-step processes and key insights because that is not one of my strengths!

We also talked A LOT about my beta program and how to structure the conversations as I’m having difficulty with getting clear direction. Because I’m an idea person, when I get on the phone with another idea person, we seem to spin out in different directions, and I get LESS clarity instead of MORE. That’s not only uncomfortable; it’s often counter-productive! But apparently, I need to TRUST THE PROCESS. 🙂

Topics Covered

  • Moving into my role as manager
  • More about the beta – including structuring the conversations
  • Projection of clients and revenue for upcoming months


Action Items

  • Ask my new assistant to document her work, and also to create an SOP manual of sorts
  • Project May and June revenue
  • Watch the rest of Jaime’s beta training videos


In Reflection…

I love how Jaime goes right to the heart of what’s holding me back. We don’t talk about how I “feel” about it. We just get it DONE. She’s constantly pushing me – which sometimes sucks in the moment, but it’s good for me in the long run. Like a personal trainer for my business. 🙂

Thanks for watching!




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