My Mastermind Group LIVE Recording with Pat Flynn, Todd Tressider, Jeff Rose and Roderick Russel AND Joey in the hotseat!

Please hit Play! (The player is having a temporary issue which says “Getting File Data” But just hit play and it will work! šŸ™‚ )

Today I have something special! You’ll hear live and uncut my mastermind group going over a listeners problem in his business. We have him do a complete turn around on what he thought the direction should be! Don’t miss this to see how a mastermind works and the power behind it!

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Thanks so much for listening!

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10 responses

  • Thank you so much for sharing this awesome content it sounds EXACTLY what I’m going through building my own membership site focused on creatives.

    Thanks for sharing Jamie you’re awesome!!!

  • This was amazing Jaime! Thanks for “letting us in”! xo

  • Whoa! Cool share. Coming from a 3d graphics background (I do way more web more now) I had a fun time listening in!

  • LOVE this format, Jaime! Thanks so much for letting us listen in to your mastermind session. I’m so glad Joey could get some high level advice so he can maximize his recent success.

    Thanks again for an amazing Millionaire Hustlers experience! Can’t wait for 2015! With everything you and Kendra taught me….I’m On Fire!

    Enjoy the Journey!

  • The recording shows two things REALLY well. First, it demonstrates the value of mastermind group provides by simply sharing with others what you are doing. When you have to clearly explain to others what you are doing, it shows the gaps in your current action plan/current ways of thinking. The questions from the group allow you to discover what you need to do next — sometimes via there suggestions, sometimes via the “duh” or “aha” moments as you talk through the plan. Second, it demonstrates the importance of “leveling up” in your group. The folks in the group had been where Joey is heading and were able to provide great insights / suggestions.

    Thanks for sharing Jamie!

  • Thank you so much for sharing! It was great to listen in. We hope to get a group started soon. Blessings, Cory

  • I enjoyed the content of this video.

    Don’t stray away from doing the Millionaire interviews, but a few of these sprinkled in would be nice.

    Wayne Sallee

  • After listening to your mastermind podcast with Pat Flynn last spring one of my goals for 2014 was to start two mastermind groups of my own. I already had a “focus buddy”, we were following a similar format, so I knew the value. Both new groups are going strong, I’m so excited to share this with them to see if we can make the hot seat even more valuable. Thank you!

  • Aha! The power of the mastermind Jaime. You have some of my faves too, from Pat Flynn on up. We can really achieve so much more together than we can on our own, and when you really dive into the idea of a mastermind group, sometimes, it won’t so much be the advice that you receive, it’ll just be soaking up the positive energy of those around you.

    I spoke at NYU last week about Blogging from Paradise – neat topic, right? šŸ˜‰ – and I believe that being surrounded by the best and brightest students of today, while connecting with a dear friend and brilliant professor, helped me up my game by 15 notches. I was already up there quite a bit mind you, but again, it’s like Nap Hill’s explanation of the concept of the mastermind. It’s like, we’re all batteries, and when we come together to work towards an awesome cause, the magic happens, as all the batteries join and create a seriously overflowing stream of energy.

    Surround yourself with pros, and listen to their stories, and soak up their successes and you’ll find an endless flow of information. Any times I do a mastermind, or any time I do a simple podcast, with one other inspiring person, I feed off of this energy like you wouldn’t believe. I get kick butt ideas, sure, but I also find an energetic boost that helps me move a bunch up the vibrational scale.

    So happy you’re doing the same Jaime and that you’re joining with some top shelf folks here.

    I appreciate you sharing with us! Wonderful blog, and awesome brand….and I’ll see you soon, in your comments field!


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