Influence Triggers With Paul Elliott

Serial entrepreneur – Paul Elliott

The one thing that instantly makes you an expert in your prospect’s eyes. Why you can’t build influence with tactics alone. How to fix a poorly converting sales pitch. Starting a coaching program from scratch? This is how you do it on a $1000 budget. “Mapping The Gap” strategy to build instant trust. How to attract clients with money that are happy to pay. – Better Knowledge, Effective Strategy, 10x Income

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2 responses

  • Hey Jaime,
    While Paul did talk for quite a long time, his tips did not seem so clear or new or even interesting, to be quite frank. I was hoping for more insights on being “influential” but it seems like his ultimate piece of advice is to truly believe that you and your product will change someone’s life.
    I would really love to hear millionaire advice from people who are not white men because there are social advantages that cannot always be explained or even recognized by the recipient, that I believe play a part of some of these guys’ success.
    No offense or anything, because I appreciate your interviews. I’m curious about the journey of people of color, especially women and moms, coming from working-class backgrounds who have risen to millionaire status because that is more reflective of my situation. Hope you find some out there and can get them on your show! Much respect, Jocelyn

    • Oh I get you on finding diversity! I’m really trying actually! I have a few women/moms from other race/nationalities coming up- but let me say it’s a LOT harder to find. I totally understand the need for it – just so you know I’m always on the look out and ask for introductions from other types of people too- that being said- my audience is diverse and they get different things from different topics! šŸ™‚
      (when I do a mom interview a lot of people that aren’t moms aren’t excited about them – hah! can’t please everyone all of the time!)
      But I’m workin on it!!! šŸ™‚

      Stay tuned for an interview I think you’ll like with Bushra Azhar – she is amazing and a mom! šŸ™‚

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