How To Build a 100,000 Person Email List – Matthew Paulson

Author, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor – Matthew Paulson

Matthew PaulsonMatt started as a personal finance blogger, and when he realized that wasn’t working for him he tried a different route. Learn how that route lead him to quit his day job and build an email list of over 100,000 through a lot of trial and error!

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12 responses

  • Fantastic to see a somewhat introverted guy be successful. Don’t blame your personality, people.. play to your strengths! I’m totally getting into analytics and numbers right now. They do tell a story.

  • Thanks Matthew and Jaime. I am always on the look out for techniques for growing my list. That interview was so enjoyable to listen to on my jog that it made the 6 mile run pass in the blink of an eye!

  • Thanks for a great interview with some amazing, actionable tips. Jaimie, is the link to Matthew’s book supposed to be clickable in the notes above? Copy and paste works ok.

    • Hi Matthew,

      It should be! I’ve checked and was able to click on it. Let me know if you’re still having issues!

  • Loved this episode!

    The biggest thing I got out of it was just repeat the basics. There is no silver bullet for list building (or any other kind of business). Just refine, repeat….

    Thanks Matthew and Jaime.

    xx Denise (Listening in from Newcastle, Australia)

  • Great interview… Matthew – thanks for sharing so generously…

    PS: Jaime – on another page –
    FYI, Since you started delivering your weekly emails through Infusionsoft your emails are showing on my outlook with 7 pt font size making it hard to read. This is an exception to other bloggers I subscribe to.

    • Hey Yossi –
      Thanks for this heads up we will look into it and tried to get it fixed ASAP!

    • Hey Yossi! It looks like Jaime has been using 12 pt font on her emails all year (since she switched to Infusionsoft) so if this is new it may be related to a change in your email provider? Unfortunately we can only set it on our end and don’t have control over how it shows up on gmail, outlook, yahoo or any provider (bummer, right? We like having consistency!)

      I hope this may help on some of the confusion because we definitely want you to be able to view everything easily!

  • Jaime and Matthew – really inspiring interview and lots of great takeaways. Thank you both very much. Just off to download the book – more inspiration when I am next out running!

    Have a great day
    Best regards

  • Awesome interview – great questions Jamie! I really liked when Matt talked about the lifetime value of a customer and your digging deeper on that (asking how to get that number). So you take the charge, the percentage that remains (or cancels) and what the average number of months is per member – giving you a much better data-backed idea of what a customer is actually worth to your business.

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