How Millionaire Scott Fox helps people build six figure online businesses – Knitting, Chickens, and Online Business

Blogger, Podcaster, Author of Click Millionaires, e-Riches 2.0, and Internet Riches – Scott Fox

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Scott has a professional background in investments and law. Realizing how important his lifestyle was, he started an online business.
He’s written many books, his newest one called Click Millionaires teaches how to build an internet business. He’s even taught his wife and mother how to build successful online businesses! (He gives all the profits of the book to charity too)

When I met Scott in NYC for dinner, he was the same guy as he is in the interview – caring, sweet and helpful! Enjoy!

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6 responses

  • Hey Jaime,
    Thanks very much for having me on your show to talk about my new book and the Click Millionaires Forum.
    Our philosophies are very similar and I enjoyed chatting with you again.
    Hoping your audience enjoys our conversation, too.

    • THANK YOU Scott! This was great, and so great to talk with you again. We should do it again!

  • I definitely enjoyed this interview. Very insightful, thanks Scott! Thank you Jamie as always :), I just got my book.

    • Woo! Congrats on picking up the book. Keep moving forward Eliza šŸ™‚

  • I totally sell chickens as my niche! It was fun to hear a shout out about them!

  • Awesome! I’m inspired, motivated, and getting it done! Thank you for such a great interview.

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