When to Hire

When do I hire my first person? I could end this discussion right now with one word – NOW!

I get asked this question all the time!

“When do I hire my first person?”

I could end this discussion right now with one word – NOW!

If you can.

Help doesn’t have to be expensive, don’t let the money thing get in the way.

What I care about most for you is getting ridiculously good at delegating, letting go, and having someone else do the work for you. Because this is a skillset that no one taught you in school. It’s sad, this is the stuff we should learn, but we didn’t.

Especially as a business owner, one of the most critical skills we can have is being a leader.

In order to do that, you hire someone, you learn how to be an effective and amazing leader.

So even if you are not making a ton of cash right now, being able to hire someone for even an hour or two a week, someone you can run with that you can give tasks so you don’t have to do the little things in your business so you don’t get caught up in the wheel, HIRE NOW!

Plus, you are learning a different set of skills when you hire, delegate, and lead.

To quote Gary Keller, “You are 5 hires away from being a millionaire.”

If you can find those people that will lift you up, you will become better, faster, and stronger than you could ever have on your own.

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    • Hi Yossi,

      The download are working fine. Please check you email. You will receive an email by Jaime Master, title “Hire NOW!.” It has the link to download the show notes and worksheet.

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