How to Diagnose Your Own Business Problems and Level Up with Dennis Yu

CTO of BlitzMetrics – Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu 204Dennis is a content and marketing genius – and he shares stories and how-to’s on figuring out why your business is stuck and SPECIFIC tactics you can do to start getting traction again. (Like his crazy smart tactic for getting HUGE media attention on Facebook by only spending a dollar per day)

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4 responses

  • Dear Jamie, how could I get in touch with your guess to ask the question that I need to know for myself. because what’s work for you may not work for all.
    Especially if you have no credit or money to start with, or an ideal to get things off the ground.
    Is it possibly that you can send me all you’re guess contact email so I can send a not to some of the ones I might be interested in learning the bussines.
    thank you for your time.

  • Dennis Yu, Thank you for your generosity.

    Jaime, I felt inspired listening to the interview. This is SOLID wealth of resource!

  • Thanks Jamie. Great show! Solid content.

  • Dennis,

    Thank you for the resources! I’m downloading them now.

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