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I’ve interviewed the best and brightest millionaires to discover what it takes to follow in their tracks


“As a business owner, don’t you always wish your business was going and growing faster? Since we started working with Jaime Masters, we have not 10X our business it has gone 10G. It’s not about how fast you’re going, it’s about how fast you are accelerating. The acceleration and the improvements we’ve seen has been phenomenal!”

Tom Schwab


Work With Me

You’re here right now because you’re an ambitious entrepreneur. You’ve already had success in business and you’re looking to supercharge your results. Maybe you’re looking to return to your joyful ‘ol self the one that was so excited when you first got started in your journey! Maybe you’re looking for someone you can talk to that’s on your level. Maybe you’re a typical visionary entrepreneur, and you need help focusing and prioritizing on what’s truly most important to get to your results faster.

Hi. I’m Jaime Masters. I’ve interviewed over 350+ millionaires and billionaires. My coaching clients range from millionaires who want to uplevel their business to committed six-figure business owners wanting to cross that seven-figure mark. You can read more about my story here.

My philosophy in business is pretty simple…

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and what THEY know. Every challenge you have in your business, the solution is already known, you just don’t know where to find it. And I do.

Why millionaires hire me…

  • I can get you focused, fierce results.
  • I’m always striving for a 10X return.
  • I’ll align your custom solutions with your strengths.
  • I know how to make things fly online and interpret all of the nerdy stats and data to ensure we are getting the result we want.
  • I can also rock an offline growth strategy.
  • I’m all about lifestyle. More money, fewer problems. More money, more time.
  • Solid accountability.

I offer the best curation of 1) the perfect resources to solve your current problem, 2) a focused strategy to get you to your end result faster (and with fewer resources) and 3) high-powered accountability for determined leaders.

Who this is for

Private 1:1 coaching is reserved on a limited basis, and I almost always have a waiting list. But I do offer high-performing masterminds for super committed six and seven-figure business owners.

That being said, we might be a perfect match if…

  • You’re looking for someone at your level you can talk with and strategize on getting bigger results and faster
  • You’re looking to solve the LIFESTYLE piece, step into systematizing your business so you aren’t working constantly, frantically, or putting off your life’s dreams and goals (like spending more time with your kids or traveling the world)
  • You want to understand the latest technology and online strategies for optimizing your sales funnel
  • You want help honing in our hiring and building an incredibly powerful, loyal team
  • You want to create more revenue with ease…
  • You have a million-dollar business, but you’re not a millionaire yet
  • You want to understand where the future is trending in technology, business, and marketing
  • You’re ready for your exit (adventure) plan
  • Frankly, you just want to kick more butt!

Who this is not for

While I offer a lot of programs, my Private 1:1 coaching isn’t designed for entrepreneurs just starting on their journey. If you’re looking to kick-start your business and you’re new, I recommend checking out my book The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup. It’s my best-selling book on success strategies I learned after interviewing my first 120 millionaires.

You might also check out my Eventual Millionaire Podcast. There’s nothing like it on the planet and you have to BE a millionaire or billionaire to be a guest on my show. This is THE perfect Millionaires-In-Training Learning Lab.

How We Work Together

I like to keep it super simple.

First, we need to talk. If you relate to what you’ve read so far, I want to talk with you. (Look for the form at the bottom of this page).

Once we talk, and I understand more about you + your goals and assuming we want to join forces to grow your business and create your freedom lifestyle, we’ll decide which one of my programs fits you like a glove.

Your Next Steps

If you’re a committed entrepreneur, business owner, or exec ready to go to the next level and optimize your business + life let’s chat. Fill out the form below, my team will schedule a private call and we’ll have a powerful conversation.

Can’t wait!


So what are you waiting for? Apply below!


“Millionaire Masters turbocharged my productivity to a level I didn’t know was possible! Through strategic 1-on-1 coaching, weekly accountability & hot seat sessions, plus an AMAZING retreat, our revenue matched last year’s total in just 7 months. ”

Erion Shehaj


“Jaime knows how to effectively manage and lead an ambitious group of entrepreneurs into serious results. Since working with Jaime, I have reinvented my funnel, added two streams of revenue and an additional $100K in a short, 90-day period.”

Monaica Ledell


“Most of my income came from partnerships and 3rd party websites. In 2015, I did $2,627.91 in direct sales. So far this year, I’ve done $49,138.72 in direct sales from my website. Jaime helped me do a beta and first launch to create those sales!”

Jason Cannon


“Jaime is the catalyst that showed me how to confidently raise my coaching prices by 66%, market my services in a way that keeps my client calendar filled, and how to redesign a business model that allows me to engage in other business opportunities outside of my coaching practice. I believe that working with Jaime inside Millionaire Masters had changed how I run my business forevermore. It’s the best investment I have made in myself and my business!”

Karen Pattock