How To Play Bigger With Christopher Lochhead

What is “The Magic Triangle” and why it’s essential if you want to create a game-changing business. The surprising reason why Netflix was able to put Blockbuster out of business without ever competing with them. What it really takes to be one of “those people” who rise to the top and make history. Can you become innovative on demand? A curious way to start thinking about problems and solutions that make current paradigms instantly old. How to “predict” the future for your niche and break free from things you’ve been conditioned to believe. Why there’s only two types of problems you should be working on. – How pirates, dreamers, and innovators create and dominate markets.

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  • This is incredible, learning from great minds. As a student hoping to have business in the near future am sharpened before I even start. This is wow!

  • Am impressed Jaime. Please also provide us with more on ” How to start, continue and dominate sales “.
    Personally want to do sales and love it so much. Help me with ideas, Do’s and Don’ts in the sales World. Plus the Best words to be used.
    Am grateful

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