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    What is “The Magic Triangle” and why it’s essential if you want to create a game-changing business. The surprising reason why Netflix was able to put…

  • Best Business Valuation Calculator

    Why your business valuation is an important metric to measure even if you don’t plan on selling it. What is included in your net worth and when you need to know it. Tools for calculating your business valuation.

  • Business Metrics

    Do you know what you should measure in your business? Which metrics are worth tracking and the importance of data based decision making.

  • Millionaires And Money With Melissa Krivachek

    The one thing that’s preventing you get better at sales. (And no, it’s not fear of rejection.) How cleaning up clutter in your wardrobe can help you make…

  • Coaching Session With Lain: Packages And Pricing

    How to “price anchor” your packages so people opt-in for the one you want most. Ways to “convince” your clients to stay with you on a retainer. How to…

  • Shifting Your Identities With Rob Scott

    A three-step process to uncover deep beliefs buried in your unconscious mind you never thought you had. What is an “identity shift” and why it’s the only…

  • Mobile App Marketing That Gets Results With Steve Young

    How to use LinkedIn to get featured by Apple store. Where to find under-served and starving markets to promote your apps. What to include in your emails…

  • Coaching Session With Lain – Goals And Confidence Levels

    How to break down your yearly money goals into monthly numbers. How to raise prices across the board for every client you currently have. What you should and shouldn’t bill into your final cost of your project. What you should and shouldn’t bill into your final cost of your project.

  • Creating Businesses That Print Money With Billy Murphy

    The four-step process you need to go through BEFORE you even think of starting a business. What you should never do in your marketing. How to start successfully even if you’re the last competitor in super saturated market.

  • How to fire an employee

    One of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your business is firing people. There’s no easy way to do it. And you will feel like crap after the fact.