Weapons of Mass Persuasion With Bushra Azhar

Founder & Chief Trouble Maker of The Persuasion Revolution – Bushra Azhar

The fastest way to go from a clueless rookie to a master persuader. One trick that makes persuasion instantly more effortless and fun. What is “Mass Persuasion Method” and how to use it to win over almost everyone. The 8 Persuasion Switches you need to click in every person you’re dealing with to get to an immediate “Yes!” How to instantly become more likeable and believable. The difference in persuasion tactics when closing $1 Million dollar deals vs interviewing for a job. How to make people like you more by being less perfect. The “dark” science of turning on the desire in people for your product on a deep and visceral level.

ThePersuasionRevolution.com – Helping Tiny Businesses Make Big Bucks Using The Psychology of Persuasion

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