$100 Startup – ReInvent, Love and Create a New Future (Giveaway!)

If you don’t know who Chris Guillebeau is yet, you NEED to.


I met him a few years ago when he traveled to all 50 states on his first book tour, and I’m going to be speaking at his World Domination Summit.


He has a goal to visit EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Within his crazy travel schedule to promote his book he sent me answers to a few questions I had.


This book is perfect for you if you have a job and not a ton of cash to risk and you want to do big and amazing things. It will inspire you and give you a ton of useful information.


And I’ll be giving away a copy to one of you! Just comment on this post answering how reading this book could help you, and I’ll pick on random winner! (Winner chosen on Sunday June 3rd!)




Freedom is such an important piece of this book, as well as in the Art of Non-Conformity. But starting a business usually takes a lot of time! (especially when you have a job) It restricts your freedom with the hope that it will be better in the future. What advice do you have for people who need to make that leap?


I’d rather think of the commitment to starting something that revolves around your passions and strengths less as a restriction of freedom and more as an investment in something valuable. We all make time for what’s important to us, and The $100 Startup encourages people to create valuable work.

It’s a lot less painful to invest time and discipline into a new business built around your passion than it is another hour in a cubicle for someone else’s benefit. Ultimately, though, having a job could be an advantage, because it forces you to spend your limited free time on being efficient and throwing energy at the most key elements of growing your business.


It’s assumed that we need lots of money and a business plan to start a business. But in your research and case studies you found that wasn’t the case. If someone is STILL using “I don’t have enough money to do it RIGHT” as an excuse – how do they get past that?


I always encourage people to look at all the examples of those who have started without money; we’ve amassed so many that it’s hard to point to the argument that cash is what it takes. It’s all about mindset: don’t focus on what you lack but what you have. One of the things we learned in the study is that everyone’s an expert at something. Most business models are crafted by turning that “something” into something desirable.


It’s great to hear case studies about people that made it. But what about all of the others that fail? What do you think makes the people that are successful different than the people that fail?


If you can reduce risk by a) not borrowing money, and b) starting quickly, is it really a failure if it doesn’t become a huge business? Doing the opposite sounds like more of a failure to me.


Many successful people share great qualities like curiosity, persistence, and resilience. Ultimately, though, a successful business is built on the ability to deliver some kind of value to clients or customers. Value is an overused word, but it just means “helping people.” If you aren’t sure what to do next, focus on helping people.


Thanks, and Good luck!!


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16 Responses to “$100 Startup – ReInvent, Love and Create a New Future (Giveaway!)”

  1. Jason

    Having not read the book, I would hope that by seeing what someone else has done that it might help me see that it is possible to succeed if there is the will.

  2. Laurie Fredsall

    Since I am in the beginning phase of my business I can use all the inspiration I can get. It sounds like his book fits the bill!

  3. Trguest

    I think the real inspiration here is that this books help to clear one of the major hurdles many wannabe entrepreneurs face, not enough money or time.  I look forward to learning more!

  4. Mf028

    I like to read this book why i have. Only 100$ so if i buy the book i wiil have only 80 $ to start my 100 $ startup mf028@hotmail.com

  5. Mainebells

    I’m trying tho start a buSiness right now with little to no cash. I would love to read this!

    • eventualmillionaire

       Mainebells you won!! Send me your email address and address to jaime at eventualmillionaire .com 🙂
      Please email me before Wednesday June 6th! Congrats!

  6. Swapnil Ukey

    I have always
    believed in the idea of “Less is More” and always take this advice
    with me in the things that I do in my life.
    When I came across the title of this particular book “The $100
    StartUp”, I immedietly added added this book to my cart on Amazon (without
    knowing who Chris Guillebeau was)  and since haven’t been
    able to “Proceed to checkout” yet. I was going to gift this book to myself on my birthday i.e. June 2nd (but I will wait now ;). I am sure this book & your blog together will help me succeed on my path of becoming an “Eventual Millionaire” someday!

    • eventualmillionaire

       Thanks 🙂 Keep reading, and listening and learning and taking action. It’s amazing what happens when you do just that!

  7. Jane Dugger

    I’ve been thinking about this book a lot.  I really enjoy my job (a librarian) and am in it for the love of it not the money.  It would be great to read & apply Chris’ words to my passion and create wealth.  Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Ann Lee3003

    i m tired with my current job and wants to make a change in my life but dont know how to start the new chapter of my life.  i  want a new ideas how to move myself to a higher level.

  9. Srirams

    the book will provide me how to run a business along with a job.

  10. Justin_16

    Love your blog read it all the time.  I havent been able to read or purchase this book cause im so busy with school and such.  Ive always felt like ive needed to do more with my life and this could be the start up

  11. Web Designer, London

    In my experience of running my own business, more than money you need passion and dedication to succeed. Ultimately, perseverance is the key. I can’t remember how many times I thought my ideas will never work and I felt disappointed and demotivated. However if you are willing to go beyond this phase then success is all yours to have.

    • eventualmillionaire

       Thank you for this! The contest is over but staying motivated and keep moving forward is so important!