Win $100 (Or More) This Week!

Enter to win $100 from me (and more!) from the Spendster Second Chance Giveaway!

It has been a crazy week behind the scenes at Eventual Millionaire. I was on, interviewed on CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris and was featured on

While I was sifting through all of the email I received, I found a lovely email from Megan. She wanted to give my readers $100 for creating a short video talking about ways you have wasted money, and what you should have done instead.

The contest deadline is in THREE days on November 4th!

Take a look at to upload a video and see others videos.

Not only can you win $100 from me, you will be entered into the second chance giveaway.

First prize is $1,000

Second Prize: $750

Third Prize: $500

Plus 97 runners up get prizes too! Just have friends vote for your video. I heard through the grapevine that your chances are really good to win at least something!

So to enter, upload your video on and then email me ( jaime @ eventualmillionaire . com ) with the link to your video.

I’m sure none of us are exempt from money mistakes. So I’d love to hear your story. Here are the details:

  • Create a video (less than 3 min)
  • Talk about a way you wasted money and what you should have done instead.
  • Go to and submit your video.
  • Email me the link to the video by November 4th!
  • If you want to win the Second Chance Giveaway get your friends to vote on the video (100 people will win a prize!)

That’s it! I’ll pick the winner on November 5th. Thanks for playing!

3 Responses to “Win $100 (Or More) This Week!”

  1. D

    Congratulations on the CNN Money interview! That’s amazing.

  2. Eric

    I found you through the Yahoo feature. But They did not do a good job of including how to follow up further with the various personalities of interest, so I used tineye on your photo 🙂

    My wife and I are gearing up to attack the debt mountain in 2011, and I appreciated your input on steps you took.

    So that adds a smidge more to your alexa 🙂 (182865 at the moment)